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Organizations nowadays naturally collect a large volume of data. However, 97% of collected data in not used by organizations (source: Gartner). The time, effort and cost to acquire, secure and store this volume of data is significant. Yet, the critical last mile between this information and its use is most often not met, even though it represents a massive area of business opportunity.

90% of unstructured data is never analyzed. So, organizations failed to transform raw customer data into valuable business insights, whether about products, development processes, website behavior or pricing. The value that lost is gigantic.

Customers are leaving millions of footprints in the form of metadata that can be transformed and support profitable strategies. The organizations that figure out how to do this the fastest, will be the most successful. But there isn’t one data management strategy to fit all: depending on your budget, the size of your business and its nature, and your business strategy, your needs will be different, and so will your data management strategy.

Data is the new engine for businesses to drive meaningful and profitable decisions. Businesses are understanding this, and so are governments. They defined framework of regulations regarding how businesses and public sector organizations can use customer data. While data management is a great tool to support your business decisions, applicable regulations must be observed.

Expertise description

Digital Plant offers data services in the following domains to guide your organization with the last critical mile between collected data and valuable business insights:

Collecting, segmenting, keeping & managing data

We assist you in defining data sources, maintaining your database and keeping your data visualization tools up to date so you can always have a current overview of your data and stay in line with your data strategy & objectives.

Creating value for businesses by converting newly acquired data for sales leads

Optimize the use of data to create value! Collected raw data can be turned into valuable insights regarding your prospect needs (which can be used by your sales team).

Helping organizations optimize the use of data within the bounds of policy & regulation

According to DMA, 88% of consumers who are willing to share personal information want transparency about how it’s used. The world’s strongest data protection rules covers Europe: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We support you in organizing your database in order to optimize the value you get from it, all within the regulation principles applicable to your company.

Guiding and training Marketers regarding Data management best practices

We provide face-to-face or digital data services training upon request, and are able to guide you on any data-related topic you may have.

Why us?

A perfect understanding of your requirements and needs as our consultants are dedicated to your project.

Guidance regarding applicable framework of regulation.

A tailored execution to fit your organization’s strategy & objectives.

An opportunity to grow your skills in data management matters as the project advances, since experts are at your disposal for any question you may have.

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