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Everything is online, and being online is everything. At a click’s range from a prospect, a post away from potential business: digital campaigns (paid ads, marketing automation) are a powerful tool to help businesses speak to their audience.

Emailing campaigns for instance have an average ROI of 4400% (source: OptinMonster). Whether via emails, texts or paid campaigns (search engine advertising, display, social media), digital campaigns are essential to drive awareness, generate leads and level up the customer relationship. But it’s important to be clear about your digital campaign strategy & objectives. The key is knowing which tools/platforms to use, what kind of content to publish and how to get your brand seen by your target audience. If your business can get these right, effective digital campaigns will bring more traffic, quality leads and conversions.

Moreover, most digital campaigns platforms enable real-time data: that means you can better understand audience behaviors, in real-time, and adjust your campaigns accordingly. When in offline marketing you engage budget that can’t be retracted, digital campaigns are very flexible in that aspect: you can stop a campaign a few minutes before going live.

Expertise description

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Campaign strategy

Identifying business, marketing and communication objectives is the key phase that will make your campaign successful. Because in the rich ecosystem of digital campaigns, options are infinite. Our experts are able to audit the existing, define fitting goals, generate efficient strategies and select the most appropriate tactic(s). All aspects of project management are then implemented: from recommendation to post-mortem, including creation, implementation, reporting and optimizations.

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CRM & e-mailing marketing

Customer Relationship Management is at the heart of all digital activities. The ability of a brand to efficiently communicate to its customers – or leads – has a significant impact on their ROI. At Digital Plant we assist our clients in creating and executing emailing campaigns, through proper filter identification, creation of workflows, remarketing and implementation of nurturing campaigns.

Google Advertising

Google’s ecosystem is remarkably wide and helps companies to target with a powerful precision with paid ads. Whether your strategy will lead you to use Youtube, Google Display Network or Google Adwords, our team of experts will help you to make the best out of these enriched tools.

Social Media Advertising

The past few years witnessed the slow decline of organic reach on social media. The brands’ ability to naturally speak to their audience dropped, below 2% according to Drive Social Media. Paid ads are now leading the way on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter with always the same focus: content. Our mission is to help our clients to understand why Paid Ads should be part of their strategy and how to cut through the noise with so many voices fighting to be heard.

Why us

At Digital Plant, our focus is to personalize each strategy to our clients goals and needs.

We guarantee a tailor-made marketing funnel, built by experts on marketing automation and paid campaigns.

We guide you to define realistic goals within the allocated timeframe, and which related KPIs to follow (open rate, impressions, click rate, engagement rate, conversion rate, etc.)

Using consultants is an opportunity to grow your skills in Digital Campaign matters  since experts are at your disposal for any question you may have.

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