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About the client

Our client is a multinational corporation, leader in 3D Design and Engineering Softwares. They are organized as follow: the corporate team centralizes Google Adwords campaigns needs and manages the campaigns internally or with external agencies.

Client needs

Google Adwords has become a key digital channel for our client. However, the project scope is large, with ads in 10+ languages promoted in more than 30 countries among Europe, South-East Asia, India and Latin America.

The service of a Senior Google Ads Consultant became necessary to implement the SEA strategy, overview the whole activity of Google AdWords campaigns and manage a budget of several hundred USD.

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Scope too large for the existing team to handle

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Complex ecosystem & ambitious SEA strategy

Our role

Our consultants advise and manage the account setup, including ads, keywords, utm tracking, pixel implementation, goal set-up in Google Analytics, audiences, landing pages and extensions. We run daily optimizations and provide weekly reports to our stakeholders to ensure they reach their goals every year. Complex account management, involving several MCC accounts and sub-accounts are also part of our expertise.

With this project, we are targeting two main group of metrics: media (clicks, qualified traffic) and business (leads, marketing revenue). Last year, the priority was given to raise the volume of leads while increasing ROAS – return on ad spend. To do so, we implemented an ambitious SEA strategy, mixing different types of landing pages and using extensions to make the best out of each query in Google. In 2019, the volume of leads grew by +143% and ROAS by +2.7 pts vs 2018.

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