Project Management

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About the client

Our client is a multinational corporation, leader in 3D Design and Engineering Softwares. With presence in several countries and thousands of employees worldwide, team collaboration and integration can be very challenging. This is the reason why a consultant was necessary to oversee the project, follow-up on the performance & the project deployment.

Client needs

With a growing team handling requests from stakeholders in regions all over the world, it became necessary to industrialize and optimize processes, to optimize the team performance and ease follow-up (project management).

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Manual monthly report

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No optimization of processes between teams: led to extended time to process a request

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No guidelines for specific requests out of the processes

Our role

Our main role was to optimize processes and performance for the team. The main actions put into motion are listed below.

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Help to streamline their workflow and increase productivity and efficiency with a dedicated tool (project tracker similar to AirTable) that gathers all information necessary for the team managers to have an accurate overview

Activity follow-up of the elements created by each operator (now automated)

Define associated workload for each request type to help anticipate the capacity needed

Anticipate headcount (in Full Time Employees) needed to handle the monthly workload

Process & performance optimization: list and prioritize new features or process needed to optimize the operators’ work

Project phases

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