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About the client

Our client is a multinational corporation, leader in 3D Design and Engineering Software. They are organized as follow: the corporate team owns the web publishing frameworks and develops new features based on needs. They provide guidelines and best practices as well for the local teams.

With presence in several countries and thousands of employees worldwide, team collaboration and integration can be very challenging.

Client needs

The global team was struggling to ensure other teams from the different regions and brands to follow their guidelines and best practices in web publishing, essentially in web performance and search engine optimization (SEO).

The challenges for the client were: a high number of non-expert web publishers worldwide, a complex ecosystem of websites that is complicated to apprehend and best practices of the content management system (CMS Drupal) that are constantly evolving.

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Difficulty in finding pages, assets or media in the website frameworks backends.

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Web pages taking longer to load as image sizes weren’t optimized, and files were uploaded multiple times.

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Some pages were created with duplicate content (which was impacting the Google PageRank of the corporate website)

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Pages created on a framework not optimized for their digital marketing purpose.

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Web pages weren’t optimized for the user experience.

Web pages weren’t well ranked in the search engine.

Our role

Our main role was to build a fully integrated team to handle all web publishing requests from stakeholders around the world. By centralizing the requests, we were able to achieve the following:

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Help to streamline their workflow and increase productivity and efficiency.

Ensure quality and consistency control.

Enable the resources in regions to focus on strategy rather than execution.

Start the cleaning of the websites backend to optimize performance.

Project phases

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